Fresh Chameleon is a automotive brand based in Hertfordshire that started in 2020 providing high quality 2d air fresheners that were uniquely designed to last longer and perform better than your traditional air freshener.


We quickly realised that we could take the brand further by introducing new products to our selection, this included our: Turbo-Jet Blast Cans, 3d Car Diffusers and our range of car cleaning products.

We take pride in our products and have a genuine passion to provide the highest of standards in every sector of our business and will ensure we provide the best quality products to our customers. 

We live by our slogans ("THE #1 AIR FRESHENER FOR YOUR VEHICLE" & "THE #1 CLEAING PRODUCT FOR YOUR VEHICLE") as we believe they truly are and will continue to provide more and more highly quality products for everyone to enjoy.